In cooperation with CBNW magazine, IB Consultancy is proud to announce the nominees of the Second Edition of the NCT CBRNe Awards. The Awards are a unique opportunity to reward companies and organizations that have made an outstanding contribution to the CBRNe end-user Community by offering great solutions, excellent products and meaningful innovations.

This year’s applicants have again been judged by a distinguished jury panel from a range of disciplines from the CBRNe community; research and development, journalists, end-users and industry are all represented. The Community Award is open to online voting by everyone in the CBRNe Community. This year’s nominees have been officially announced on September 2nd during the NCT CBRNe Europe 2014 conference.

The Nominees

NCT CBRNe Product Awards Nominees, for best product service or solution, are: Bluecher’s Saratoga Protective Suits, because they fulfil all the requirement of integrated personal protection and they are part of international PPE equipment since years – a classic of CBRN PPE; Camtech’s Camthrax biodetection handheld device as it integrates a large number of application areas with rapid analysis capabilities and versatility; Irdam’s Military meteorological sensor MAWS6056HCGPS, offering a large variety of information in multiple application areas and integrating real-time meteorological data into the military and civil first responder actions.

NCT CBRNe Innovation Awards Nominees, for most innovative product service or research paper, are: NBC-Sys’ BioChemGel, because it presents a new alternative to the predominant approaches of using liquid-based decontamination techniques for biological and chemical decontamination of infrastructures; CEA’s Biodosi, a highly integrated, low consuming, silent personal air sampler performing in a large range of particles size (biological, nanoparticles) for environmental and personal exposure monitoring in a CBRNe context; 908 Devices’ M908 as it is the first and only handheld device utilizing high-pressure mass spectrometry for time-critical missions.

The NCT CBRNe Capability Awards Nominees, for the country or organization having improved its capabilities or having had an impact on the capabilities of another country or organization, are: BAFA – German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control, for being the official implementer of numerous projects of high importance for enhanced international prohibition of WMD proliferation worldwide; Interpol for its role in combating illicit nuclear material, recognizing the complex nature of CBRNe threats and pursuing a multi-disciplinary approach that includes cooperation with numerous international partners; DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) for being a truly international player capable of responding quickly all over the globe and helping other countries to build up critical capabilities in doing so; UNODA (United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs) for being the international leader in promoting nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation as well as the strengthening of disarmament efforts in respect to other weapons of mass destruction including chemical and biological weapons.

NCT CBRNe Community Awards Nominees, after the preliminary vote, are: 908 Devices Inc. – M908; Dr. Lawrence Roberge Ph.D., Professor of Anatomy & Physiology Laboure College, Milton/ Massachusetts with his Research Paper ‘INTRODUCED SPECIES AS A FORM OF BIOLOGICAL WEAPON’; and the German Army’s Bundeswehr Joint CBRN Defense Command.

Winners will be announced during a dinner gala at the NCT CBRNe Asia conference October 14th in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Further information on the Award Categories and voting for the Community Awards can be found on Contact for further information.