After the successful launch of the NCT CBRNe Awards in 2013, IB Consultancy, in cooperation with CBNW and MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, is proud to announce the 2014 edition of these prestigious CBRNe prizes. The NCT CBRNe Awards are a unique opportunity for companies and organisations to be rewarded for their outstanding contributions to the CBRNe end-user community.

The NCT CBRNe Awards will be handed out during a spectacular Awards Ceremony at IB Consultancy’s NCT CBRNe Asia 2014 event taking place in October 2014. With an expected 300 delegates attending, including regional government representatives, the event will assemble the most important stakeholders from first responders and government representatives from the Asian region and beyond.

The 2013 contestants represented a diverse audience ranging from research laboratories, international interdisciplinary consortia, government administrations and the CBRNe industry. This year those companies and organisations which have offered great solutions, excellent products and meaningful innovations are once again encouraged to apply for the Awards and to gain peer recognition from their industry colleagues.

NCT CBRNe Awards 2014

NCT CBRNe Community Awards