This year’s Eurosatory Security and Defense International Exhibition, that took place in Paris from 13-17 June 2016, was another successful event as it provided an excellent platform to bring together the defense and security community in general, and the CBRNe community in particular. As part of its worldwide Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) event series, IB Consultancy delivered three workshops, aimed at sharing and developing knowledge to face the ever growing challenges of CBRNe threats.

The NCT Workshops addressed the challenges of CBRNe detection and surveillance, the limitations of CBRNe protection for first responders and the integration of unmanned vehicles into homeland defense, while exploring resources for the development of novel solutions to tackle these emerging threats. Through these workshops, IB Consultancy stressed the non-conventional security challenges of today and introduced the most innovative technologies to address these issues.

IB Consultancy successfully contributed to enhance CBRNe security awareness and response; however, this would not have been possible without the honorary speakers who shared their concerns and commitments to CBRNe challenges. For this reason, IB Consultancy would like to thank each and every one of its speakers for joining and supporting the NCT Workshop series.

Additionally, Eurosatory provided a vibrant and fast-paced platform where ideas were exchanged, technologies were presented and connections were strengthened. IB Consultancy would like to thank Eurosatory and COGES for their partnership and for bringing the entire defense and security community together.

IB Consultancy would like to thank everyone for visiting and joining in lively conversations during this five-day long exhibition and is looking forward to welcoming you again in 2018!