The winners of the third edition of the NCT CBRNe Awards – the awards for both the CBRNe industry and I(N)GO community – have been announced on November 10 in Bangkok. Being held during Asia’s largest CBRNe conference, NCT CBRNe Asia, this year’s Awards Party was again a place to celebrate the worldwide CBRNe community with attendees from all over the world.

Against the background of this year’s Ebola Virus Disease Outbreak and requirements of CBRN first responders worldwide in state-of-the-art CBRN detection and analysis equipment, the jury’s choice of the 2015 winners is no surprise. All four winners clearly reflect the expertise within the CBRNe industry to quickly respond to urgent needs and requirements – not to mention the outstanding capability building efforts of international governments to work together on better solutions with industry.


As each year, a distinguished jury voted for the best and most end-user friendly CBRNe solution, the most innovative product developed during the last year, and the international stakeholder that contributed significantly to national, regional and/or international CBRNe capability building. In addition, the NCT CBRNe Community Award winner was chosen by the public. It was a very close vote that Rheinmetall Defense won in the end with its Fox CBRN Armored Vehicle, against the National Ebola Training and Education Center (NETEC) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. The other winners have been announced in 3 categories:

NCT CBRNe Product Award

The NCT CBRNe Product Award for the best CBRNe product, service or solution is the most prestigious NCT CBRNe Award, and is the overall award for excellence in the CBRNe community. The winner of this year’s NCT CBRNe Product Award 2015 is 908 Device’s ‘M908’ handheld detection device that was already a nominee last year in the innovation award category. The jury decided that it deserved to finally win an award after having proved as an established and end-user friendly state of the art product. The introduction of M908 fills a large capability gap in the first responder toolkit during scenarios from a potential chemical warfare attack or toxic industry spills to a clandestine laboratory interdiction and sensitive site exploitation.


NCT CBRNe Innovation Award

The NCT CBRNe Innovation Award for the most novel product, service or research paper of the year is the prize rewarding outstanding achievement in the field of Research & Development. It is the award for excellence in innovation. This year’s winner in the innovation award category is BBI Detection’s ‘UK Ebola Lateral Flow Device’, described by the jury as an innovation that arrives just at the right time to tackle urgent challenges in effective Ebola Virus Disease control and rapid case detection. BBI Detection’s Managing Director stated that she is proud that her team responded so quickly to support the humanitarian mission in West Africa and thanked the NCT CBRNe Awards Jury for recognizing BBI Detection’s and UK DSTL’s efforts.

NCT CBRNe Capability Award

The NCT CBRNe Capability Award is the award for a country or organization that has improved its CBRNe capability or has initiated or executed a capability development program impacting upon another country or organization. The 2015 NCT CBRNe Capability Award winner is the National Ebola Training and Education Center (NETEC) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) & U.S. Department of Health & Human Services that will provide $12 million over the next five years to three US medical centers which together will co-lead the National Ebola Training and Education Center. Dr. Nicole Lurie, Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response at the U.S. HHS, thanked this year’s jury for the honor to win the Award and praised the NETEC as a joint effort of clinicians, practitioners and administrators with tremendous experience and treating successfully Ebola patients.


This year’s winners have been judged by a distinguished jury comprising of: Guy Roberts (Former) Deputy Assistant Secretary General for WMD Police, NATO; Lt. Gen. Yugala, Royal Thai Army; Dr. Zalini Yunus, STRIDE/Malaysia; Brig. Gen. JB Burton, Former Commander of the U.S. Army 20th CBRN Command; Laurent Olmedo, CEA/France; Stephen Malone, HDIAC/USA; David Oliver, CBNW/UK; and Ilja Bonsen, IB Consultancy/the Netherlands. For three years now, this formidable mix of expertise insures the quality and excellence of the NCT CBRNe Awards.

We’re looking forward for new applications for the NCT CBRNe Awards in 2016!