The Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) CBRNe Awards salute excellence and are the new industry prizes for CBRNe products, solutions and developments in the international CBRNe Community. The Awards are an initiative by IB Consultancy, CBNW and MILITARY TECHNOLOGY. Our highly distinguished jury has selected the nominees for the Product Award, Innovation Award and the Capability Award.

NCT CBRNe Product Awards:
The jury has nominated the following three companies for the NCT CBRNe Product Awards: DxTerity’s REDI-Dx, Kaercher FutureTech’s TEP90 Decontamination System and TSI’s MITA (Mask Integrity Test Accessory

NCT CBRNe Innovation Awards:
The jury has nominated the following three companies and consortiums for the NCT CBRNe Innovation Awards: STATIM CBRN Shelter, REWARD Project: Real Time Wide Area Radiation Surveillance System and Future Safety and Security Robotic Tool

NCT CBRNe Capability Awards:
The jury has nominated the following three organisations for the NCT CBRNe Capability Awards: Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), The EU CBRN Centers of Excellence and Second Line of Defense Megaports Initiative (DOE/NNSA)

NCT CBRNe Community Award:
You, and the rest of the CBRNe Community have voted and the following three nominees have been selected by you: Bruker RAID M100 Detector, European Framework Cooperation (EFC) – EDA/EC and NBC Sys Meerkat Decon Vehicle

The votes for the Community Awards will open again on August 1st, but only for the three nominees. The second and final round will consist of three types of votes, each with an equal weight: the voting on the NCT Awards website, the voting on the IB Consultancy Facebook Page, and a vote by the participants of the NCT Awards Gala Dinner in Kuala Lumpur on September 24th.

Visit the NCT CBRNe awards website for details on the jury, prizes, and much more!