IB Consultancy is proud to present the NCT Hosted Buyer Program. The NCT Hosted Buyer Program is a new way of linking CBRNe and EOD End Users with industry. Commanding officers, procurement holders and other high ranking officials can apply to be a “Hosted Buyer” at any of our NCT events. IB Consultancy offers two levels of sponsorship: the standard CBRNe Hosted Buyer is waived the registration fee. For Hosted Buyers from emerging markets, IB Consultancy may offer a fixed fee to cover for travel and accommodation. In order to qualify as a NCT Hosted Buyer, we require the following:

  • Only active serving end users of organizations with an active procurement program in the fields of CBRNe, EOD or demining can qualify,
  • The program is intended only for ranking officers and procurement holders,
  • In order to qualify, you are requested to completely fill in the application form,
  • When you are selected to be hosted during one of our events, you have the chance to decline the invitation. Only when you accept the invitation you will be expected to join the event.
  • CBRNe Hosted Buyers at NCT events, are required to attend the meetings which are organized for them.

The NCT Hosted Buyer program is a new way for end users and procurement holders to meet colleagues, experts and industry. When you are interested in applying to be a NCT Hosted Buyer, we kindly ask you to fill in the registration form.