DG HOME – Chemical Threshold Values

DG HOME – Chemical Threshold Values

IB Consultancy and the Finnish research institute VTT produced a literature survey and modelling analysis to support the European Commission DG Home Affairs in the implementation of the EU CBRN Action Plan. The EU CBRN Action plan contains 15 chemical actions, and a number of relevant horizontal actions.

One of the first steps in the implementation of the EU CBRN Action plan was the identification of a list of high risk chemicals. As many of these chemicals have legitimate and important roles in the European economy, it is important to establish threshold values for emergency planning and other functions. Equally, values must be established for the health effect of the chemicals in question. The report produced by IB Consultancy and VTT identified the toxicological threshold values. These are required in order to be able to compare chemicals and gauge the danger of the amounts of each chemical. Subsequently, a survey of current literature and legislation for threshold values was conducted to gain insight into the existing legislation thresholds in the EU and from other national resources. This is important in order to effectively implement the actions from the EU CBRN Action Plan. The last step was connecting the quantity types to the chemical actions and relevant horizontal actions.
The project was part of the C-TES project. C-TES is short for CBRN Technical Expertise Services and is a project related to the Framework Agreement between DG Home Affairs and 15 European research organisations and other parties with considerable knowledge and experience in the field of CBRN.


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January 19, 2014