DG HOME – Support of EU CBRN Action Plan


IB Consultancy was commissioned by the European Commission DG Home Affairs (the then DG Justice, Liberty and Security) to support in defining lists of high-threat CBRNe agents. The work done by IB Consultancy served as a basis for the the implementation of the EU CBRN Action Plan by the EU and its member states.

The main goal of the EU CBRN Action Plan is to minimise the threat and damage to the public from CBRNe incidents. The ways to achieve this vary: a risk-based approach to security, effective protection of CBRNe materials, improved exchange of security-related information between member states, further development of detection systems in the EU, and – finally – providing the necessary tools to manage CBRNe incidents. The first step in the Action Plan is to define lists for the different categories of CBRNe agents.

IB Consultancy was tasked by the European Commission to deliver three reports (Chemical, Biological and Radiological/Nuclear). These reports proposed a methodology for drafting a list of agents, including the characteristics that are deemed necessary for a proper ranking and selection of agents.

IB Consultancy developed a ranking scheme based on a thorough threat analysis to calculate and list the threat of the agents. This tool is a basic framework that allows individual member states, the EU and IB Consultancy to add more detailed information if so required. New agents or criteria, and modifications to the weighing factors of the various criteria in the formula may be readily entered. As this tool allows for adjustments,  it serves a useful instrument to accurately define the most relevant CBRN threat agents within the European Union for the next years.


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March 3, 2014