DG MOVE – Improvised Explosive Devices on Ships

European Commission DG MOVE has commissioned a consortium led by IB Consultancy  to conduct a study concerning Measures to Detect and Deter the Bringing of Improvised Explosive Devices on-Board Passenger Ships and Ro-Ro Ferries. Passenger ships and Roll On-Roll Off (Ro-Ro) ferries represent an attractive and accessible target for terrorism and attack with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). When compared to numbers of passengers carried by civil aviation, marine vessels can have similar or greater confined congregations

of personnel at risk. The indirect economic or political effects of an attack on passenger ships or Ro-Ro ferries could be considerable nationally or regionally.

The European Union places a particular emphasis on avoiding by all appropriate means shipping accidents involving Ro-Ro passenger ships and resulting in loss of life. Persons using Ro-Ro passenger ships and crew employed on board such vessels throughout the European Union should have the right to demand the same level of safety regardless the areas in which ships operate.

Objectives of the Study are to:

Assess the effectiveness of the preventive measures introduced at ports, port facilities and ships to deter or detect the carrying of IEDs on board of passenger ships or Ro-Ro ferries and, based on this assessment;

Propose an approach to identify, support and promote the best prevention strategy.