EDA – Strategic Research Agenda for Human Factors


The European Defence Agency (EDA) commissioned a consortium led by IB Consultancy to develop a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Human Factors in the military, and a comprehensive roadmap supporting the implementation of this SRA for the Capability Technology Group ESM04 of the EDA.

The SRA provided a clear vision shared by governmental and non-governmental members of the CapTech ESM04 group and served to define future requirements for Human Factors research. This by prioritising Human Factors research projects in terms of their urgency and their impact on future defence capabilities.

The SRA provided an overview of existing civilian and military Human Factors research in EDA’s participating Member States and globally. Based on the output of the Human Factors overview and considering current and forecasted military needs, relevant R&T areas were identified and prioritised. Following the composition of the SRA, roadmaps for each Human Factors application area were developed, describing how the SRA may be implemented in the next years.


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March 3, 2014