NCT/CBNW Newsletter

IB Consultancy and CBNW Magazine are proud to present the NCT/CBNW Newsletter, a monthly newsletter that only appears in email, and is free to subscribe. Today, over 10.000 CBRNe professionals receive the NCT/CBNW Newsletter, making it the single largest online CBRNe publication.

What can you read in the NCT/CBNW Newsletter?

  • Each month, the NCT/CBNW Newsletter has four articles written by CBNW journalists and IB Consultancy consultants
  • Headline news including articles and news collected from the web and news from the industry
  • Full event listing, including all CBRNe related events
  • Articles address end user issues, but will also include threat assessments, country profiles, policy and non-proliferation issues

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NCT/CBNW Newsletter